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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
legalize pot
did not work for california. But not a bad idea to cover portion of it however.

THe automatic spending cut is only .2 percet of total spending. they should really focus on cuts than tax revenues here. The problem is not so much the plan, it's obvious - it's passing the plan through the congress.

No side is willing to compromise, no one wants to give credit to the next person for fixing the problem. Given house is under republican control, it is difficult to pass any concrete plan that would come forward.

Because of this, a romney win would have benefitted America actually, not that he is an economic genius. Or House going to democrats... it's too devided and no one wants to stop the bickering.

Its not difficult to solve this problem, if they work together. Americas economies are great, governement policies is bringing it down and creating all sorts of problems.
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