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Originally Posted by sharup
Where's Mr Show-Hagu's professionalism? These are international professional cricketers. No matter how weak or how badly your fellow cricketers play you don't ever mock them or reference them in any bad way whatsoever at least not in public. As a professional player he should show some respect to other players and teams. It's a common courtesy. Sports personalities are regarded as role model for the younger generations. Such words may be true to some but it's not necessary to put it out in the public.

He's lacking some common sense and professionalism. Sounds like he came from the gutter or he's holding some serious grudge against us. Could it be the 2007 WC knockout? I don't know. May be he wants to stir our boys up mentally so that they don't do well. There are some polite Indian cricketers but show-hagu is just a f *****g c***t
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