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Based on the comments on this thread so far, I am really glad that cricket fans don't get to choose our next head coach. To be sure, the BCB is no good at selecting a coach either, but the level of discourse in this thread is appalling.

My two cents: Hire someone with solid coaching qualifications (e.g. appropriate licenses and many years of experience coaching all levels), NOT a superstar coach or one that was a really good player. Someone who will reside in Bangladesh for the duration of his contract. Someone affordable. Someone NOT from the Subcontinent, particularly not an Indian or Pakistani, because they have a weird superiority complex when it comes to Bangladeshis.

Rick McInnes fits the bill. So does Ian Pont. And Mick Newell. And countless others. I don't understand our fixation with former superstar players. Just because they had stellar playing careers does not mean they know squat about coaching.

In the end, we probably need to be less worried about the head coach of the national team than about the coaching staff at club and regional levels. How cool would it be if we could have a mix of qualified foreign coaches guiding teams like Chittagong, Rangpur or Sylhet in the NCL? Heck, it would be cool if we could have foreign input into cricket academies up and down the country.
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