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Brilliant research and analysis by Navo - must give credit where it's due. My feeling about GB has been that of ambivalence. At times I've felt really good about Dr Yunus winning the nobel prize, garnering worldwide attention and all that. Other times I've been saddened by the horrific stories of GB workers taking everything away from poor folks who are unable to repay their debt with exorbitant compounded interests. Then I tell myself "if something seems too good to be true then maybe it is too good to be true", and like most things in life accept GB with both its good and bad and move on. However, I'm very curious to learn more about this part of the argument--
Originally Posted by Navo
And then there is the issue of "if its all in the greater good, why not just let these 'legal technicalities' slide?" or "what have these politicians given us, compared to the name and fame garnered by Dr. Yunus?" versus "is micro-credit successful at all in alleviating poverty?" [But more on this another time]
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