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How about asking the opposition batsmen nicely?

"Hey mister! Would you be so kind as to not attempt a stroke next ball? I would really like to get your wicket. It would be such an extraordinary honor. Besides, my entire existence, that of my family, indeed my nation, depends on it. Have mercy on us. Take pity. I am appealing to you most humbly, kind sir, to gift your wicket to me. It would be a most magnanimous gesture. I, my family, my teammates, the fans, indeed the whole nation, would be ever so grateful. We won't ever forget your sacrifice. We will sing songs about you for millennia. We will give you honorary citizenship. We will name streets, airports, hotels, lakes, hills, districts and divisions after you. Please, kind sir. Grant us this wish."

Which batsman could deny us this favour if asked nicely.

Job done.
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