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Originally Posted by kalpurush
If Zunaid fails to deliver again tomorrow, he must be replaced along with Shahadat with Anamul and Nazmul/Sunny/Enmul.

I wish all the best to Zunaid and Shahadat though. A win can ensure their place in the national team for now IMHO.
I have no complain with Shahadat in test. He has been doing very good in second innings. He can create chances from nowhere. He even gave a breakthrough with partly bad bowling in first innings. It can happen, when we are playing test after a long time. Rajib and Rubel is set in my opinion. Nazmul can come as a third pacer when needed, but we definitely need two genuine pacer, pace is important. If they play regularly only then they master the art of it. Plus, We will never grow pacers if we don't back pace. If we play safe with slow medium pace, we will only encourage that & get that coming through the pipeline, like SLAs. Well, we should also prepare Taskin, Abul or anyone having pace and use them in different formats as their suitablity.

For Junaid,I'm not sure if he has the ability. Apparently looks he can become a good aggressive player, he has done it before, but like Ash, he also has severe consistency problem. He needs an uninterrupted time in the team to feel comfortable and play without pressure, but I'm not sure if that will bring out the best in him. Thats what the sellectors have just assured him. May be we can decide after this WI test series. He has 4 innings to showcase.

I think the bowling side is a bit imbalanced. We definitely need one genuine spinner in the playing 11 - Sunny/Enamul, in place of a batsman. Excluding Shakib, we need 4 main bowlers in test matches. That will also allow Nayeem, Riyad, Nasir to concentrate more on batting. These kinds of bowlers can only be used as fillers or on emergencies, they can't take wickets nor can they check runs effectively. Gradually Bring in Anamul and take of probably Mullah for ODIs only, since he can be used as an all rounder there. A test team doesn't need too many all rounders, it's a format primarily for specialists and high quality all rounders like Shak.
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