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I have always found this blog to be informative about understanding Microfinance, especially learning about the details of Grameen model.
(this particular link talks about definitive measurement of GB interest rate, this information is often misquoted).

@zman, I also hear stories about grameen workers taking away properties... but i never heard any specific where the information is verified by multiple news agency or never saw any studies about it. Microfinance is getting so much attention, why aren't there any studies showing these wrong doing which are not supposed to happen in the Grameen Microfinance Model. I would really like to see some evidence in this regard.

Personally, I think Dr. Younis served the institution of microfinance poorly, when he tried to sell it as poverty alleviation model. Instead, he should have mentioned what it actually does, which is to provide financial service to a segment of population, that otherwise has no access to it. As a by-product of this service, some people will come of poverty and will go further in debt. But, the net spending of all GB loan takers will go up. In addition, the interest rate in Grameen is lowest in the microfinance industry, they definitely deserve credit for this.

@Navo: Can you tell me about the recent changes in constitution of Grameen Bank. Do you think the govt overreached to make sure that Younis have no say in determining his successor. I agree with argument about need to follow rule of law, but at the same time when I see how rule of law is being applied selectively and there is no outcry about it... I just end up eroding my faith in our legal system.
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