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Ok Bang fans i'm sure many have been waiting for my professional opinion!! , so here it goes, the fact is there's no hiding place in this great game we call cricket, and thats why there are rankings for a reason, and that was evident today, the way i see it there are three levels, bottom is NZ- Bang and Zim, middle is Pak-SL and WI and then there are the top lot, SA-India-Aus and England, although to be fair Pak are probably in between the top and middle as they can beat anyone on their day,

But what is the point i'm making? the point is nine times out of ten the higher ranked side tends to come out on top in the tight situations, we played Australia earlier this year and we pushed them in several sessions and put them under massive pressure, but inevitablely we had one bad half an hour with the bat or most common letting the tail wag for too long and thats it, GAME LOST, so every team has their struggles,

I admit i was nervous last night, but deep down i always felt we'd put up a fight if we set a decent target, lets be real here half the side have just won a world cup in the lions den, so Tigers fans packing in the stadium and making big noise was never gonna phase us,

Tiger fans might have expected to win this after the way day four ended, but we're not a "minnow" like (what i believe is a fake WI fan) "dman" implied, we're a team who have battled to draws with both Sri-lanka and Pakistan and just whitewashed NZ, infact the only team we've lost to under Gibson's reign who was not ranked in the top two was Australia, and that was after they destroyed India and we were without Gayle, Narine, Samuels and Ramdin,

I'm sure Bang will have more chances to win a test in the future, maybe even the next one if things go your way, but i did feel there was a little arrogence at the end of day four, especially when Mushy got in Permaul's face and was screaming at him after he got out late in the day, i felt that was disrespectful and in the end he's ended up being the loser,

Moving forward i hope we don't make the same mistake we did in this test and play with a batsman short, we're one up already so no need to risk it, i suspect Deonarine will come in for one of the spinners, also Best done really well and i'm chuffed for him, but if anyone believes he's gonna stay in the side long term ahead of a world class talent like Roach then they are truly deluding themselves .
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