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Originally Posted by Crisis
I say Palestine should just go all out against Israel - LIVE OR DIE. Ar kotodin eivabey thakbey ora? Been years! It's a shame that the whole world just sits and watches and refuses to get involved.
We all know the outcome of that.... its literally a war between ak-47s and f-22 bombers. Even if Palestine and its 4-5 million ppl are wiped off from the face of the earth tomorrow (Allah forbid)... no one can say/do ANYTHING about it. Next day business will resume as usual worldwide...

there are a lot of Palestinians who will choose to die than leave their land (and thats their choice), but I ONLY wish those in that 4-5 million who wish to move to neighboring Jordan/Syria/Egypt/Saudi etc for a chance to LIVE, get that chance.

I knew a Palestinian guy from college whose family moved to either Egypt/Saudi when he was young and when asked about the conflict he said 'Its not a conflict brother, its a take-over and there is absolutely nothing anyone can or will do about it. Atleast my family chose to be practical about it'.
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