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Originally Posted by Gowza
i don't think it's fair to jump on tamim and say he needs to learn this he needs to learn that etc. it's true batsmen should be able to play to the situation but what counts is performance, tamim is the best performing batsman in test matches that BD has, he's averaging 38, he's got a great overall FC average in the mid 40s as well so whatever he has been doing has been working pretty well. there are always things to work on and yes tamim playing a more significant innings would probably have dramatically improved BD's chances but i think as some said earlier in the thread that we shouldn't tell tamim to curb his natural instincts.

it's different if the players natural instinct means they never score runs, but in tamim's case it works for him and he scores quite a lot. in any case, it's always about finding that balance that works for you and what tamim did in the 1st innings works for him a lot more than what he did in the 2nd innings.
he can't stop developing his game. It is his drawback that once he get going he cant hold back his attacking instinct and throws his bat on anything.
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