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Man you have the answer to your problem. You want a pretty girl but the problem you are having:
21-22 y pretty girls are booked, they marry their boyfriend only to get divorce 2 years later. This is where you come in. when they are 25 and divorced yet still pretty, they would be willing to marry a douche like you without knowing that you are a douche...There!!

How superficial can you be? This is what I think. I think you need to change the way you see life and you see other people. Don't over generalize, appreciate individuality, acknowledge there are many ways to live..

Man you accuse girls that don't wanna move abroad with you to have boxed thinking... look at your thinking? Why the hell would life abroad be "better"? Happiness, enjoyment in life is under rated.

Driving a bmw at 100 mph at german autobahn with a drunk girl might be happiness for a day but being with the right person, raising cows in village can be happiness for life. Maybe that's what the girl wants...happiness instead of being a beautiful slave to you abroad...

Or let's talk business: A girl that you want, 22 F, beautiful, family oriented, never had a bf, devoted and would not divorce no matter what.... now this is a perfect girl. EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD wants her. Why should she go for you?? what do you bring in the table?

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