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I find it very distasteful and offensive at times.

DO NOT stay at any middle-class relative's house. Living standard of middle-class Bangladeshi families is appalling! Bhai, I come from a middle class family and most of my close and extended family is still in Dhaka. Our living and our relatives' living standard isn't appalling. Cleanliness is within oneself.

Now, Dhakaiya families who have been drinking this WASA water for years have no problems as their stomach is full of those germs. Ki likhbo ekhane bujhtasi nah.

BD families are lazy No idea here as well.

Even if a girl is not pretty, her expectations are too high. She wants a Shahrukh Khan lookalike even if she herself looks like Moushumi! Why does she have to be pretty to have high expectations? If she is educated and has good family values, then why can't she expect a nice guy. By the way, Moushomi of the old was very pretty.

Pretty girls are only meant to be looked at or to be dated, they are not shonsharik material. You cannot marry them and expect to settle down with them. Once again going for looks. I have seen average girls who are bitchy and gorgeous girls who are nice and down to earth. I repeat..its the education and family values that matters.

Love marriages are ruining our country. Yeah, sure...why not.I am thinking whatever party (BNP/BAL) makes a mandate banning love marriage in their election agenda will win by a landslide.

Girls are becoming too career minded. Yeah, she spends almost 20+ years (starting from pre-k) to get a college degree. Why would she think about career? Let her stay home and cook and shine shoes. Okay seriously,I am assuming you are religious. A girl can work and have an excellent career well within religious guidelines.

DO NOT marry a girl who is a Doctor Yeah let's not make them doctors at all.I am sure many religious guys would go crazy taking their wife to the male gynecologist.

In conclusion -- Clearly you haven't lived in Bangladesh for a long time and is completely out of touch. The Dhaka of the 90s is gone and is very modern and progressive now. Girls don't go to schools to find husbands but to have a career. They don't think abroad is all fine and awesome but rather is happy to stay in Dhaka with their own families despite many city life problems.

But no hard feelings!! Wish you all the best in marriage and happy life
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