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Originally Posted by DMan
The reason I criticize our winning this game or not is because I cared to criticize rather than be a delusional fan boy that thinks the team can't do no wrong and always are in a winning position when they clearly aren't. But nice trying to cover yourself for not being another poster on a WI forum that IS trolling those forums as well.
Excuse me you don't know me and it's rather pathetic that just because i don't agree with you you've resorted to petty "fanboy" remarks, which only exposes your immaturity!! , everyone can go look back at my posts on this thread, i kept it honest and told people i was concerned after day 4, but i was REALISTIC and felt that if we put up a score of around 250 we would be in with a good chance of winning, and that actually came to fruition in the end,

You on the other hand was pretty much cheerleading for the tigers and willing WI to lose, now the home fans are more than welcome to do that but coming from a so called "WI fan" i found that hard to fathom and as a result i refuse to believe you are a geniune fan of the team i love dearly.
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