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As someone who has been there and done that, albeir half a decade back, here are my 2 poishas:

DO NOT stay at any middle-class relative's house. Living standard of middle-class Bangladeshi families is appalling!

Hygiene standards in middle class homes vary, greatly. I do find that restrooms in some homes, are often disproportionately less cleaner compared to the rest of the house. And by less cleaner, I dont mean they are really dirty, but just feel and smell funny.

Now, Dhakaiya families who have been drinking this WASA water for years have no problems as their stomach is full of those germs.

BD families are lazy

Yes,some people are. Having a live-in maid makes some people lazier, so much so that they are not used to even washing their own plates. And yes, some girls do boast about it "amar money pore na ja ami last kobey amar plate dhuyechhi " . the car-driver culture also contributes to it.
But there are people who are anything but lazy so your generalizations stands untrue

Even if a girl is not pretty, her expectations are too high. She wants a Shahrukh Khan lookalike even if she herself looks like Moushumi!
Its unfair, but it works both ways. If a potbellied 35 year old can slouch on a sofa and demand "opurbo shundori chai", then a plain-Jane can also ask for an actor type.
But dont forget, "demanding" and "getting" are 2 completely different things, and in a country like Bangladesh, where the "looks" differential among middle class families is so huge, you get all types of couples; from the Hur-Langur to the couple where the husband and wife look like siblings.

Pretty girls are only meant to be looked at or to be dated, they are not shonsharik material. You cannot marry them and expect to settle down with them.

BS; as a rule of thumb, girls nowadays are less "shonsharik" than previous generations, but beauty has hardly anything to do with it

Love marriages are ruining our country.
Have been going on since a long time back, and there were many an Uncle who proclaimed this, but just as your statement, there is little truth to ut

Girls are becoming too career minded.
Nothing wrong with being career-minded, as long as they express it clearly beforehand
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