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Originally Posted by nahaz
I could take a good dig at Sehwag, saying how his lack of education and class really shows in his pathetic comments, every time he opens his mouth.

But I won't. I am no international cricketer, or anyone too important for that matter. However, I am a supporter of the Bangladesh cricket team. And I would like to believe every single supporter of Bangladesh cricket team has more class than Virender Sehwag. I may not be a multimillionaire or part of a world cup winning team. But at least my colleagues have a ton more respect as to my intelligence level than him. They also know I won't try to backstab them in every opportunity due to any superiority/inferiority complex. They certainly know I have high morals and am compassionate.

Fame and money can never hide what someone lacks as a human being.
Wait but didn't you actually say it in First sentence. That is like me to saying to someone that i could say you are no good loser and you ll remain so or life but I won't cause I have class. But I did say it, dint I

Anyhow people don't believe Sehwag was proved right or wrong. The statement was wrong on his part. Bangladesh have not matured as team yet but their time will come.
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