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Originally Posted by maysun
Pont bhai, if you were still our coach, do you think the bowling department would be performing better?

No disrespect to SJ.
I hope so, yes. Shafiul has fallen away badly and none of the people I spoke about or worked with during my tenure (Rabbi, Robin, Dollar, Shahadat, etc etc) have come through or even improved. So I think it IS a disappointing time for BD bowlers since April 2011.

I don't see any new faces either who really deserve a chance in the side yet (and I mean deserve as opposed to someone selected because the alternatives are too poor).

This may not be the fault of SJ because his role might be very specific to the national squad and not development.

However, getting the very best out of what you DO have is the main focus. I'm beginning to think BD has missed a trick with that at least. I cannot comment how NZ went as a fast bowling unit under SJ as I don't know enough about them (except the Banglawash in 2010).

I guess ultimately, people's results are their results and others than me, can probably reveal the win/loss and bowling successes.
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