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@Navo, thank you for your explanation and pdf that you uploaded.

Here is a hour long interview of Lamia Karim, I thought you might be interested:

In the interview, she mentions that people from the loan group participate in "House Breaking/Ghor Bhanga" of a member from their group, who cannot pay their loan on time. The MFI's cannot do it, since it is not written in the rules, but the group members do it because they would not be able to get new loans without repayment of previous loans. And, the loan collector plays the role of an instigator.

I would like to know the fraction of lender that to go through house breaking. Also, get an institutional breakdown of which institutions are worst offender.

My thoughts:
Lots of reforms are needed in the field of micro-financing to reduce exploitation. I am still under the impression that Grameen is the holy grail in the field and has the lowest interest compared to BRAC and other MFIs. The profit driven NGO's are the worst offenders. So hailing BRAC in one sentence, and then trashing Grameen in the next sentence, seems somewhat contradictory me.
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