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Do we have to listen to the psycho-babble of Sammy? Here is someone who despite any demonstrable skills is leading a team due to a set of circumstances (WICB's mismanagement, players strike and unwillingness to take on additional responsibilities by senior players). He should thank his lucky star that he is in the team.

The fact of the matter is that we did not lose the game due to the approach we took chasing a meager target. First, the target could have been much smaller had we not given three lives to Powell to get his ton. Second, we did not play for the draw when the game got out of hand due to early wickets. I see only strike rates around 50 after Naeem's departure! Why? I do not know the answer. What makes it more absurd is that Mushy shoots his mouth that the failure of the batsmen contributed to the loss. What is he? A specialized wicketkeeper? I beg to differ. It is a shame that we cannot outlast two sessions on a friendly pitch. I suppose the Lilliput was not counting on Gazi to be a Gazi. He thought the WI tailenders will make him a Shahid instead and BD will have to bat at most a session. I think BCB should put on gag order on our captians after every loss.
" victory or loss is final. They will compete again tomorrow and there will be another shot at redemption." Sambit Bal
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