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ajfar, I just looked at both your stocks. They look good. I don't know when u got into green mountain but today's activity shows there was money to be had. Maybe it will be a turn around story. I know with Obama's win gun stocks went up, but more than that, the appealing part of you ruger stocks is their dividend pay out. It's great. I usually don't like small companies (ie <1 billion for this case), giving out dividends as small companies should focus on growth unless u are apple, then you do both. But yeah not a bad idea.

My mistake was so dumb. I could have traded the safest stock on planet, apple, last couple of days because I KNEW the reason for the decline and reversal would be eventual and fundamentally it was screaming buy but you always want that a "bit lower" price. It was a short gift with apple going down to 500. The other trade is a highly risky one which i have been doing past year and a half, trading FAS. It fits my criteria well.

It's hard to invest otherwise, at least for me. Researching and choosing the right stock. Lots of time needed, which i don't have. So sometimes i prefer the easy route, like parking money in index etf like spy or dia. But they are too safe play.. idea is to beat the market. I mean just couple of trades last week and today would have yielded more than spy can over a year. But then one wrong move you are screwed.

My goal is to accumulate a decent sum of money, just buy index etf and forget about them ( i have to figure out their fees, i haven't looked it at yet), and keep a decent cash amount on the side - always waiting for market to give me opportunities for short trades when I get the time.

or you guys can research for me and try to come up with the next apple on this thread. :p
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