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Originally Posted by Zeeshan
I think this is where Crisis should "reveal" himself by a key, political maneuver of drastic name change?
No, no , I am happy being a perv, a snobbish bideshi rich kid who likes to wave his bideshi passport and expects all women in BD to fall at my feet when I disembark from my Cessna at Shahjalal airport. I have a fetish for kajer buas , that's why I want to marry a kajer bua. I am also happy to lead a life with a wife who I do not get to see in the whole day and I am also happy to live on takeways and finish up all my money and become obese as no no no, I wouldn't want my beloved wife to cook. She would become a kajer bua then. And, obviously I extremely dislike virgins. A girl without experience surely isn't entitled to be my wife.
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