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Originally Posted by Ajfar
You sound like one of those guys who go to BD and expect girls to be all over you just because you are from 'Bidesh', and have a 'Bideshi' Passport.
Away goes my recent red passport achievement euphoria.

Originally Posted by Nafi
... I think British Bengalis are still backwards...
Heyyy, you want a piece of the red and blue?

Edit: Lool.. just noticed you are from the UK as well.

*clears throat* Yes bro, tell me about it. These British Bengalis and their social inertia...

Originally Posted by Dilscoop
Don't blame him for his ignorant views though. I mean he ain't the only one. He's just the one with a thread. Blame his upbringing.
Duuude, be done with this already!! Are you running for the second most offensive person position (in this thread) seeing that the first one has been decided on already?!
Man is here.

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