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Originally Posted by Blah
Regardless of your intentions you have used some very poor choice of words that doesn't really put you in a good light.
Crisis bro, there is no other way of putting this. This is it.

Originally Posted by Blah
Everyone makes mistakes.

If you think you were wrong. Admit it and everyone moves on.
If you are sticking with what you said - you rightfully deserve to be ridiculed. IMO.
The OP could indeed be asked to apologise sincerely as the initial perpetrator but his errors in judgement shan't be used to cover up the blurring out of the boundary line by a few others.

Originally Posted by Crisis
No, no , I am happy being a perv, a snobbish bideshi rich kid who likes to wave his bideshi passport and expects all women in BD to fall at my feet when I disembark from my Cessna at Shahjalal airport. I have a fetish for kajer buas , that's why I want to marry a kajer bua. I am also happy to lead a life with a wife who I do not get to see in the whole day and I am also happy to live on takeways and finish up all my money and become obese as no no no, I wouldn't want my beloved wife to cook. She would become a kajer bua then. And, obviously I extremely dislike virgins. A girl without experience surely isn't entitled to be my wife.
Why do I feel you've started to see justifications for your opening post? Again as many of us mentioned, best done yet by iDumb in his comments with the impersonation, above that you indeed had valid reasons to be disappointed and frustrated but the way you tried to put it all across here was totally distasteful and full of offensive remarks. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, let us all think that wasn't exactly how you perceive certain things and that it was all caused by the heat of some heated moment.
Man is here.
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