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Originally Posted by BengalT
thank you, I understood your point, its was part of my research and the work I will do is by myself with academic articles. I was merely saying to get ideas and opinions. I have managed to find few Strategic business unit such as advertising, payment and charges and unable to find the third one. just asking for opinions and what people might think the SBUs are of face. thanks
Given FB is currently a public company, there should be plenty of financial reports available, ie from thrompson reuteurs etc. Your uni should have access to that.

I don't know what strategic business unit fb has.... advertising & payment charges seems the obvious ones.. you can venture into looking at their attempt to monetizing mobile sector that has been their enigma, maybe that's a separate sbu.

Good luck and happy researching.

here is a fb news today:;_ylv=3

Ajfar your stocks are doing well. you always have good timing/or lucky for some reason
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