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Fantastic Post! Sums it up pretty much!! :-)

Originally Posted by Rabz
Congratulation Crisis bhai for your upcoming proposed marriage.

So, if I dont get this wrong, you are marrying a 17 year old high school (BD standard college) going average looking (!!) never been touched v*rg*n who certainly not a doctor nor come from any well educated family and whose only ambition in life is to cook food, clean your house and her legs should be wide open at your service whenever demanded ???

I think its been mentioned already, but let me say one more time, you just wanted a glorified kajer bua.

Let me go deeper:

So you are justifying marrying a underaged or barely legal girl because all the pretty girls are get booked by 21/22. Or is that something your parents feed into your head that you can't marry girls beyond that age simply cuz they might have a impure blood which was mixed by sleeping around with other guys ??

Since when any girl in Bangladesh were dying to marry you ?? I thought you are the one who came to Bangladesh to look for a wife, not the other way around.
By the way, you really sure you prospective bride never have had a relationship with anyone before ?
You have absolute surety ?

You were very disappointed, weren't you ?? You thought your 'phoren" passport will be good enough to get some hot young chick from BD. But they weren't. You were scared sh*tless that your days of Mrs Palm and her five daughters were only getting prolonged.

Certainly, you are not exactly Brad Pitt either, are you ?? Why expect Angelina Jolie then ??
Oh, by the way, have you seen Moushumi lately ??

Stop staring and drooling at girls from distance. They dont like it, its not hot.
Ofcourse you are not going to marry them, cuz you are never gonna get one.
You need your mommy and daddy to go to Bangladesh and fix you up with a underprivileged half educated underage girl for you.
That is your only chance to get laid, ever.

So, you never had girlfriend, right ? Thought so.
Sour grapes.

You mean girls who went to school and college and are looking forward to work and have other ambitions in life than to be your own child bearing factory who pops one out end of each year ? Free govt money isn't it ?
Inspiration comes from home, may be you never got that.

But but, you still got a girl from BD to marry you, right ??
So, why discourage others ??

By the way, how old are you ?

These are all my opinions which I got from reading your post. They could all be very wrong and misconceptions about you. Surely one post doesn't define who you are, so please correct me or enlighten me if I am mistaken. My regrets in advance if I got this all wrong about you.
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