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Default Play two specialist spinners

To our team management:

Enough is enough. We have been experiencing the pessimistic approach by team management/selectors/BCB for the last decade or so - we lose the match even before the match starts - what a shame!

We should play to our strengths by selecting two specialist spinners to strangling the Indies batters. As we are not bowling Shakib much due to his previous injury (and lack of form?), and knowing how effective Gazi was (by taking nine wickets) in the first test; we should replaced worthless Shahadat with Sunny/Enam Jr. It's no brainier to play two (ineffective and clueless) pacers just for the shake/norm to play two pacers in a test match!!

Also take out the weeds (Junaid and Nafees) and replaced them with Anamul and Mominul (I know our sissy selectors will never have the courage to pick both Anamul and Mominul at the same time)/Nazimuddin.

Act now. Don't rue after the match at the press conference like you are doing for the last twelve years!!!
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