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Yeah the responses from most BC members were right on the mark and I just thought "Rabz" response was the best.

As for the off-topic thread of DSOTM and all things Floydian .. well Pigs did fly in 2005 when the band got back together one last time for Live Aid thx to Mr. Pink himself .. LOL! I saw Waters in Atlanta this summer in The Wall Tour and it was refreshing to see him own up to his past actions and calling himself that old .. F.. Roger! Maybe I should start a thread about Floyd than blabbering here :-) .

Originally Posted by HereWeGo
Women deserves respect and this is no way to treat them...

btw Cluster 11, There is a darkside of the moon for real, and even if there wasnt, still never say anything against my all time Favorite group Pink Floyd... if they say Pigs fly than pigs fly... :P
There is no darkside of the moon really ..
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