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Kudos to those who heroically defended Bengali women, or rather all women in general. I think Crisis made a regrettable post and he paid for it. Having barrages of censures brush fired at you can't be a pleasant experience. But the drama was addictive, and I quite enjoyed reading through all the 7 pages of the post at the expense of Crisis's feelings.

On thing however,I must say is that some of the replies in fact did cross the line. I know because some of my replies( which were much less mean) in the past were deleted. I see people complaining about the sweat they put in to write those and not wanting to lose them. Well, tough luck, a mod should be impartial at all times. Considering one's effort, time, mood should not go into deciding whether to keep a comment or not.

If it is ridiculing personal lives, as some comments here have, they must go!

Peace out and keep it 100,

God has put a permanent curse on the Bd team because they have not gotten rid of Rahim.
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