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Originally Posted by Murad
yeah play all spinners.. fire all the pacers from national team and domestic teams. or kill them them if you guys can.

pacer diye kono kaaj nai. future er jegulo ashbe tader ke bole den ekhon theke pace bowling baad diye spinning kora shuru koruk.


emnite domestic team, club team pacer khelaina. shudhu left arm spinner khoje..shei jonne kono bhalop acer ashche na ar onara chaichen 3 ta spinner kheletaite..

thanks god none of you are in team managements.
Emotional statement!

I am not against pacers/pace bowling Murad. Infact, we need at least three/four international standard pacers if we want to dominate in test cricket.

But, when Sharapova gives away 5+ runs per over and can't even take more than one wicket, shouldn't you play the spinner/s who are doing an excellent job by any standards?

Gazi took a total of nine wickets in the first test and if Enamul/Sunny was there, WI could be all out in the first innings not scoring more than 400 runs or so.
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