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Originally Posted by KaaL-PurusH
Bangladesh should be banned from test arena like Zimbabwe till we can establish an effective plan and domestic structure for development. we are certainly doing so little to improve ourself hence not having enough ground to push ICC for more room in FTP. There is no doubt that BCB has taken the test status for granted. realistically we cant be a strong team in cricket world except we are gifted with couple of great player with intense desire to mark their name in the world unlike only to play for national team like the losers in current team.
Bhai do you really think BCB would change if the ICC took away our Test status? I agree that we need a domestic revamp in order for us to be a better Test team but taking away the Test status won't change the BCB. They will still be the same old BCB. Zimbabwe went in to self exile because they are in a financial mess. That's not the case with us at all and therefore ICC will not take our Test status away.

At the worst, we'll be in the same position that we are in now, getting 40 Test matches in the next 8 years and most of our matches will be at home. If we start drawing or winning more Test matches in the near future, then we will get more Test matches. It really all depends on how we do in the chances we get.
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