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Could it be the new era of of our test cricket? Have we just turned a corner? Could we now not only take the game to 5th day but open up the possibilities of swinging it our way? I think so. Before we would lose a test match inside 3/4 days. Now we can fight on the 5th day and can possibly grind a positive result. Our next lesson is to win from those situations that we failed to capitalise on the 5th day. I hope our boys take the next step. So far so good. I see a bright future in the test arena.

MUR plays an anchor role lower down the order. He's clam and calculated and I think no 8 suits him for that reason. Imagine Tamim at no 8. We will pack our bags in no time. MUR is just the opposite at 8. Same goes Nasir. Both are similar type of players.
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