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Default A Suggestion for BC Admin/Moderators

In couple of occasions, i observed moderators concern over meaningless one-liner threads in the BC forum. I guess number of posting based user raking system is one of the major motivating factors for increasing number of meaningless one-liner posts. Also, member of the day in Stat section is also based on post quantity. Providing emphasis on quality over quantity might be a solution. Recognition of good quality threads might help in reducing rank-motivated one-liner threads.

One way of recognizing quality thread is identifying something like “Thread of the day” or “Post of the day”. In the same manner, Post/Thread of the week or month might also be recognized. But the problem is the qualitative/subjective judgment factors involved in this recognition process. Deciding a post of the day or week is a big judgmental work load on the moderators. A quick opinion poll in moderator panel at the end of each day or week may be a way to overcome this judgmental issue. It does not have to be a perfect judgment---after all it’s just a way of rewarding quality over quantity...there should be nothing serious about it. Also a judgmental limitation disclaimer note should make the forum members understand that the post/thread of the day/week has limitations and it should not be taken as any absolute measure.

Recognition of qualitative factors is always a hard thing to do. But it might add a new flavor for the forum if you guys can somehow manage to do this quality recognition job. There will always be some the margin of error, but I guess member will understand this.

It’s just something for you guys to think about. Just a suggestion… you know, giving advice/ suggestion is always the easiest thing to do!!!
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