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64.6 Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke is dealing South Africa a series of haymakers here. He moves past 150 with a stunning straight drive, moving forward to drill a full ball right past the bowler. Morkel looks listless

64.5 Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, Morkel has been dismantled. Clarke moves forward to a length ball and plays a punchy straight drive that beats the diving fielder at mid-off

64.4 Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, more width outside the off stump, Clarke cuts again, finer this time to the backward point boundary. South Africa are reeling like a swooning boxer

64.3 Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, just too short and too wide, Clarke stays in his crease and cuts hard to the point boundary.

64.2 Morkel to Clarke, no run, played off the back foot with an open face to point

64.1 Morkel to Clarke, FOUR, Clarke has laid into Morkel, moving forward to a length ball and lofting on the up, through the line and over extra cover

Morne Morkel comes back for another spell

Clarke is creaming the Saffers there.
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