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Obviously BCB wont deviate from its policy to play 2 pacers. Being unorthodox is not in their DNA. Even if New Zealand do it or Sri Lanka do it, you can be rest assured we wont. Even if we dont have pacers, BCB will find someone out of somewhere and play him just to say we have 2 pacers. On the other hand our captain will not hesitate opening with a spinner. In the past we have seen Shakib bowl spinners for 35-40 overs in 50 over matches. Sometimes he would hesitate using a pace bowler. So you see the conflict in thinking between selectors and team.

Instead of our selectors were a little bit more positive minded they would drop a batsman and add a spinner. I mean whats the point in keeping both Nazimuddin and Shahriar Nafees knowing both wont add much. If we have to play them play one of them. Give the other slot to a specialist spinner, knowing Shakib is not in the best touch, and knowing Razzak and Enamul are on fire in FC cricket. And knowing Sunny was excellent against the same opposition last year. Or if they ever even bolder they would have dropped a pacer and went ahead with three spinners. But i bet Akram Khan will now say "Hey we picked Abul and he scored a century. Trust our judgement."

Selectors are doing a decent job. Unlike previous selectors they are shielding youngsters, making them work for a place in the side. Thats good. Gazi, Naeem were also good selections. But sometimes we need them to be a bit more adventurous and positive minded.
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