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Originally Posted by M.H.Rubel
Lets think logically. Possible positions where Riyad can bat.
#3: He dont have the courage to bat at #3
#4: This is a good place for him. Once we were craving for a #4 batsman. He never took the position despite offered to take the position several times.To me Naeem is perfect for #4.So no to Riyad for #4.
#5: Taken by Shakib.
#6: Best candidate for this position is Nasir. As Nasir is still very inexperienced then best candidate here is Mushy.
#7: Taken by Nasir.
#8: Only position left for Riyad.
So i dont see any upper position left for Riyad.Only option can be if we promote all batsman 1 up but putting Naeem at #3 will be risky now.
Since we would need Shakib to bowl So many overs in future in test and his batting too so he should be pushed down to #6 to make him last longer. Riyad has been playing international cricket for a while and scored runs too so it will not be too difficult for him to settle down at #4. And nasir should come at #5 because he can play his natural game even under and Naeem has patience and ability to anchor the innings at #3.

Law also set riyad up in the middle during his tenure and he scored some runs too.
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