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Originally Posted by Navo
Thank you for the suggestions everyone. I definitely prefer your ideas to the generic ones proposed by my relatives i.e Jamdani sari/'hirar tops'....

My mother doesn't like gadgets and doesn't wear flashy jewelry.
sometimes generic ideas are best instead of trying to be too creative.

Even though she doesn't like flashy jewelry, i would still consider buying a nice and classy piece..

see the thing is she is a professor, everyone is gonna be looking at her for a good 1 hour, noticing EVERY SINGLE THING.

Some of the things that I notice when there is a female speaker in front of me.. Ring, what kind, how big.

clothes you can't wear too many times... but a nice jewelry you can. Unfortunately a ring (has to be a diamond ring) to your mother is inappropriate. Should come from your father... but an expensive watch, necklace (not gold, but classy maybe pearls) is what she deserves... classy gift for classy professional woman.

you simply can not buy professional women cheap gifts. Give less but give quality.

Ipad is not a bad idea either if she is into computers....and technologically saavyy.....

btw Gold churis look gorgeous on bangali women.
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