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I ended up not going. I was stuffed and couldn't move, crashed out at someone else's house. But I did go this morning. Bought Madden 13 and AC3 50% off, BO2 full price (as always). A headset and a controller for PS3, 65% off, those cool new iPod (dropped the last one in the pool this last summer, or else I wouldn't have bought it) and Bose iPod player (about 20-25 dollar off each. BS deal). I really wanted those new square headphones, I tried couple of them on, they are SOOO ****ING NICE. No joke!

Except for that old iPad there was nothing left at Best Buy. No Chrome book. I'll probably just order it online and ship it to my mom.

NEVER go to Walmart on BF, that's a suicide mission.
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