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Originally Posted by Blah
What harsh living conditions? If you are relatively well off (not even rich) you can live like a king in BD. I just moved to bd after ~14 years from NY and I am currently working (few of them on brainstorming stage) on several business ideas and I am loving the whole startup type mentality here in dhaka business circle. Simply because there are so many opportunity and room for improvements.

Yes there are issues with BD. Corruption, power outage, pollution, traffic; to name a few. But it really is not as bad as I thought it would be. Afterall its a developing country. I have been to several states (and cities) in India recently and I would say in many ways we are much better off.

I would not call it "harsh living conditions". Things are not THAT bad.

You remind me of my sister. She lived most of her adult life abroad and she is full of herself too.

Thing is you are making too many generalizations. How long did you stay? Where did you stay? What kind of circle did you hang out with? What was your expectation?

Last, but not least, why wouldn't anyone be happy to stay close to their family and friends and stable job and not want to move away with a complete stranger to an unknown country?

What qualifications do YOU have for anyone to leave everything they love and move away with you?
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