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Originally Posted by maysun
See. I only accused you for this particular instance. I have seen you here for a long time and know that when he doesn't perform, you'll be here to show your anger and vent your frustration but I don't agree with your view regarding yesterday's last over performance.

And, I'm not bringing Afridi. I just gave an example. Clearly, that guy couldn't handle both batting and bowling and focused on bowling. And I'd like to point out one more thing, you on the other hand are comparing Shakib to Watson and Kallis. Is it not because of bowling 10 overs in an ODI and nearly 50 overs a match getting wickets and coming on to bat at 4/5 and getting runs that got him the no.1 all rounder spot? So why are you complaining? Because as far as my cricketing knowledge goes, Watson and Kallis are miles ahead of Shakib when it comes to batting. It's just that their respective teams don't depend on their bowling. So why can't Shakib be unique and bowl 50 overs get 4/5 wickets and come out to bat to save our a**es? Because that is what got him recognition. And he is happy to to do that. He doesn't cry about it.
Exactly that's where his commitment is shown. And it seems we fans just took it for granted just the way we expect him to perform every single match. Fair enough but think about it from a neutral point of view isn't he already serving his team? Then why question his commitment. Question his stupidity, technique, temperament and all. You are as frustrated as we all are. It has nothing to do with being a Shakib fan or not. Any cricket lover will get frustrated to see a talented player commiting suicide on the field. But questioning someon's integrity/ commitment is just little too harsh from fans. I don't think he deserves that much disrespect.

We have far greater problem in BD cricket than Shakib's commitment issue. He will perform no matter what. He will overcome his shortcomings as well and come out as a winner just the way he always did but that too will have little impact on a team like BD. BD will still manage to lose. We need to fix the other troubled areas before we start to think about some positive results. I'm worried more about those atm .
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