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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
Those are microcosms of what's indicative of issues within the team:

1. Certain players think they are better than they are
2. Some players feel they have 'made it' by simply being in the team
3. As long as some individuals do well, they are not worried if the team lose
4. The team do not believe they can win such matches
5. People confuse aggression and rashness in batting with positive intent
6. Responsibility, understanding and strength of character are sometimes missing

I feel this is why things aren't improving
That's clear to every open eyes. Question is, what's the solution? We expected that these will be balanced out with better skill and professionalism over the years under pro coaches.... Looks like, coaches are having no impact in these areas... Who can solve it?? Coach, Psychologist, BCB .......?? And how ??
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