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Originally Posted by Rabz
NOT Signed.

The term black listed sounds they have committed some crime, which they haven't. They are cricketers who try their best when playing for their country. They might lack in their abilities but does not warrant them to be singled out to be termed as black listed players and "never" to represent ever again. At some point, they have made their country proud and most being 'relatively' young, still have enough time to represent their national team once again, given they are in good form.

Lets look at the players you mentioned:

Junaid Siddiqui
- Only 25 years of age. Have a test century to his name and one of the players who has been around for a while. Was involved in the highest partnership for Bangladesh so far (Tamim and Junaed, 200 run partnership, 2nd wicket against India)
Plenty of time for him to make a come back.
This test series, he should never been a part of it, he was not in good form. Got picked only because of the 182 something he scored in one innings in the flattest pitch in the world. Out of form of other openers was another factor for his selection.

Shahriar Nafees
- Completely out of form at the moment, but you never count him out. Again, not his fault if the selector pick him despite struggling in domestic and expect him to do well in international.
Has the ability. Got a scintillating test century against the all conquering mighty Aussies.

Mohammed Ashraful
- Well, less said is better. But you can never count him out.
Despite all his inabilities, he still have the highest individual test score (158), highest number of test centuries (5) and second highest total run in test for Bangladesh.
3/10 top test innings for Bangladesh still belongs to Ashraful (158, 136, 129).
3rd and 6th wicket partnership record still belongs to Ash (along his partner, Javed and Mushy respectively)
Have 6 hundred run partnership, which is second highest (Shakib and Mushy got 7 and Tamim got 5)
Can never count him out.

- Looked horribly wrong this series, but was the cream of the crop only 2 test earlier. Had a good knock against Pakistan in the first innings of the first test last year. Not one of those players I'd like to have in my team either, but still plenty of time for him to come back in the team.

Shahadat Hussain
Like him or not, he is the ONLY Bangladeshi bowler to have his name at Lord's Honour List, and you want to black list him from national team ??
4th highest wicket taker and the leading one from the active pacers (Mash is not counted since he is not likely to play tests anytime soon again). Have better average than Rubel or Shafiul.
He is always one good 'domestic' game away from making a comeback.
Unfortunate, but thats the reality for our team.

I'm not advocating for any of these players to make a come back right now, but to call out their name and say they should be black listed and never to play for national team, its sounds like a knee jerk reaction from a 13 year old teenage girl.

IMHO, this type of thread should be banned.
Very short sighted and does nothing but spread hatred.
Excellent appreciation of those cricketers.

Nice post
Think a lot, speak a little.
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