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Originally Posted by maysun
Why are we satisfied with the players' past achievements? Why can't we ask for more? This is the problem with us. We are just satisfied with what a player has done and sit on it. Why can't we expect Shakib to stay not out and bat the majority of day 5 with a well set partner in Nasir? Why are we just satisfied with, "Oh he has bowled 50 overs and batted with an injury! How much more can you ask? He tried his best.."

I am certainly not questioning his commitment and integrity over the years but just for his horrendous decision making in the last over that no top player of a country would have taken for the sake of the TEAM
why dont you built an Ironman who can bowl 80 overs get all the wickets and then come for bat and score tons of runs? I think you dont understand the difference between human and machine..
"What a magnificent shot! No, he's out."
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