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Originally Posted by Holden
This is what I would go with too. The only slight change I would make is swap the batting order of Riyad with Nasir, so Riyad comes in at 5.
I've chosen Naeem to play the anchor/stabilizer role that Imrul Kayes used to do. Naeem has a few advantages over Imrul; his offspin is more than useful in ODIs and he is also a better fielder, one of the best in the squad. I also believe he maybe able to "switch gears" and be more aggressive once set, which is something Imrul struggles to do.
It is pretty evident that Naeem will open or come one down since no note worthy opener has been named. And yep, they will ask him to play the anchor role.

And regarding Mushy, Riyad and Nasir batting order; I don't think they'll be a definite position for them. All depends on the match situation and Mushy's mind.
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