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Come to think of it, Saqlain would make a good head coach. He was known as a thinking cricketer and has a good brain and wasn't plagued by any scandals and corruptions like other EX- pak players. There is also the fact that most of our players are a big fan of his and is more likely to listen to what he has to say and he is someone who understands the subcontinent culture. Has quite abit of western influence too as he worked with England and New Zealand as well as having played in the county for so long. He also knows something about batting as he was pretty handy with the bat himself and has seen how greats like Saeed Anwar, Inzamam and fast bowlers like Wasim and Waqar used to train. Given how most of our players grew up watching them play, stories about their training schedule won't go unheeded.

Why go for an Aussie coach who have so many demands?

I know a good player doesn't always make a good coach but there's a fact that some of our more arrogant cricketers think they know better than the coach if it's not someone famous.

If we really want some western guy, I hope it's someone like Ian, Siddons, Barlow, Mcinnes who are genuinely passionate about our cricket and ready to take the hands-on approach with our players and willing to improve on what he has on his hands while knowing that he can't get something like transparent selections, good people to help him, etc but somehow make the best of the given situation like Siddons tried to do. Not someone who would Just sit back and strategise and lament about the inadequate facilities, player skills and administration. Someone who can earn respect and trust from our players like Siddons and Barlow but Saqlain has the advantage where this respect is already ingrained in our players minds.

But given the fact how inept BCB is they will probably go after someone unwilling and beg them to take the job like Klusener or our Ex-coach. After all what would a dumb fan like me know?
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