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Originally Posted by BANFAN
I think that's complaining a little to much......he is not doing any favor to anyone, if he is playing well, he is getting the return for that.

Gazi has done most of the bowling and taken most of the wickets. Second test also Gazi has done a lots of bowling and along with Rubel has done some hard work providing breakthrough. Shakib has taken some lower order wickets at later stages and I'm not undermining it, but that doesn't allow him to complain of loading him. Abul after hitting a century at number 10 and then opened bowling as well... So I didn't find Shakib taking any extra load...infact he was expected to do more as the best player of the team...but the fans have started baby sitting him...

Team as a whole didn't do well, because TI was a massive failure, SN, JS, Nazim, with bat...Had these guys been performing 50% of the times, we would have much better results...there were a few guys we did better than Shakib in this match... But this baby sitting on Shqkib is getting ugly now....he is here to perform...and take majority load as the best player of the team...I don't understand why so much crying?? Even after faltering on a few occasions to display his professionalism as a senior member and role model of the team.... Can you guys give these baby sittings a break??
I think babysitting a team like ours does take a toll even on the iceman. Come on man whether you like it or not Shakib is the best player we ever produced and Ash can't even compare to Tamim let alone Shakib.
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