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Just noticed that Alan Butcher will be leaving the position of Zimbabwe Head Coach.

Bangladesh would do well if they could persuade him to join them. I was impressed with how he dealt with Zimbabwe's return to Test cricket, how can anyone forget the beating they gave us. Zimbabwe looked a more professional outfit than us.
He shouldn't have too much trouble with BCB's shenanigans as he probably has had to deal with plenty of those in his tenure with Zimbabwe. As far as I'm aware all his children are grown up so he shouldn't have any family relocation issues as our previous head coach had, in fact if he could bring his son Mark (who was a gritty Test batsmen for England) with him, maybe as a batting consultant, that'd be even better as I've been impressed with his work as a pundit on Sky, he seems very knowledgeable.
The position of Bangladesh Head Coach would offer a challenge and also would have it's attractions to him; It would be a higher status than his previous position, he would be financially rewarded, he would have a young and talented squad to work with, and in general there would be better resources. I think he would be suited to us and could take us to the next step: being a decent Test side.
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