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I think there is a good point made by coach Pont. A few months ego, I read about an study where they found that in any random sample of population there is a group of people who are genetically predisposed to become alcoholics. But not all of them in this group turn out to become alcoholic. It largely depended on the social climate where they spent their early adult life and the norms that existed at their home. More interestingly, some of those who developed this habbit were actually able to curb it at a later part of their adult life through encouragements, interventions and/or various other influences (religion, mentors, peer group etc.). May be we should emulate this in cricket in some way. Perhaps, our players should be paid by the number of balls they survive or the number of times they rotate the strike (and certianly not by the number of runs they score). We should have a national award for carryng the bat through the end of inning in FC cricket. It may take a few years o produce tangible results. We need to try new approaches to break this nasty urge to hit the ball past the rope no matter what the situation calls for. As a fan we should applaud when a batsman gets off the strike just as loudly when they hit an immaculately timed sqaure drive.,
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