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Originally Posted by BANFAN
We can't bow pace, so we shouldn't have a pace attack...we can't can we go without batsmen too...?? I thought there was another way for making the pacers effective. A all spin team will be slaughtered like Ind was slaughtered by Eng even on a spinning track... If you understand how to play a team game, you should understand how even a half decent pacer impacts the game and can make the spinners more effective...and helps to achieve a result as a team.... Ind had been doing these all spin for last century to get short term results and ruined the possibility of a decent pacer growing in that environment...every skill and talent needs it's environment and incentives to grow...lets not kill it and make decisions sitting with stats guru like our Indian stat freak brothers did/does...
Tell me how does playing these useless pacers gives environment and incentives to grow? What you need to make the national XI as a pacer? A pace over 130KPH, some luck, couple of good games in backyardigans cricket.... what else? The fact that these pacers are taken to play is the very reason why they are not progressing. What has Shafiul done to earn a recall other than a few domestic wickets? What has Abul done to warrant a place in the ODI squad? Did Rubel try to improve his line and length? Did Shahadat made any attempts to master some swing in his deliveries? They didnt and its evident when you watch them. 0 Improvement since day 1 they started.

They are in a secured box right now. Mashrafe, Shafiul, Rubel, SRK, Abul, Robiul you name it. They dont have to work hard to get back to the squad. They need to wait for others to get slaughtered and there you go... you are back in. Can you see this cycle? 1 fails, gets dropped, other one gets picked, gets dropped, and the cycle restarts.

Going with all spin attack will tell these bowlers that, they can't just rely on other seamers to get destroyed. If they want to play, they have to fight for that 1 slot or match their performance with the spinners. THIS will promote and create a competitive environment.

And please don't even bring Indians to compare. We will need another 10 years to have the pace attack they have right now. If they can be world champions by discriminating against pace attack, I would be happy to follow. If India can play a dominant spin attack with their bunch of spinners, why can't we? I find out spin attack better than theirs. Our spinners need to experience and match practice to get even better
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