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Originally Posted by iDumb

Ajfar your stocks are doing well. you always have good timing/or lucky for some reason
Originally Posted by Ajfar

Green Mountain opened 10% this morning!! They are suppose to be reporting their earning next week, hopefully this continues up till next week.

ajfar my man, you have given me renowed faith in my intuition. you have one lucky bstrd. you have a good knack for market and timing. keep it up. out of all young lazy peeps in bc, you have a pretty good chance of becoming a young milliinaire. good thing u stopped talkimg abt penny stocks....this is how u trade and invest. brain and luck.

your green mountain coffee released earningtoday, blew away estimates. stock it seems was way over sold. up 25 percent in after hours. how much is that now up 40 pc already now since we last spoke abt it. i hope you invested good amount. good job.

anyone got out of the market last friday? i probably would have done that had i got in on time, went in late.. not enough gain.... will ride out the upcoming storm if any, will buy on market weakness.
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