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These three may still not making all the right moves, but I see some change of direction in recent time and don;t know if its coincidence or not... it happened just after Lotus left.

After a long long time, suddenly they are infusing new bloods in the team, more boldly than any other time in their entire tenure.

Our top 18 players are full of dead woods, so yes... even they started with Juniad and SN and sticked with SN and then bring back Nazim, still they were bold enough to give a chance to Shohag & Abul... and stick with Naeem and Nasir instead of keeping Shahadat or brining back mashrafee or Imrul or Ashraful.

Looks like they give Mominul and or Anamul a chance. Imrul was kind of unlucky, but the selectors wanted to take a bold move instead of taking easy and safe route. yes I would like to see Zia in the team, but I can understand why he was not selected. He need to take all the opporunity to make a case, and he filed to do so against WI warmup match. So no complain from me, even though I still believe in Zia.

So far we have seen some mixed result, with some postive outlook from new comers. Hopeholly that will give the selectors some confidence and help them taking more bold moves than ever before.

So, yes this is not the best selectors, but I see they are going to the right directions... its a matter of time before most of the dead woods will be gone from the team.
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