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Originally Posted by oronnya
Who is making up stuffs here??? huh !! It's you who made up things like Amla got the votes for religious reason. Cook is one of my fav player and I particularly remember him getting out in his nervous 90s quite a few times. Same happens when he is nearing to his 50s.

Here: Since 2011 he got out in his nervous 90s thrice !!! And got out nearing 50s thrice as well.

Why do you even compare Cook to Shakib . Cook has a test average of 49.37, not even comparable to Shakib. I don't think Shakib will ever be able to get his test batting average past 40.
So you a guy gets out few times in the 90s and he has nervous 90s syndrom? Getting out in the 90s couple of times doesn't necessarily mean they have the "nervous 90s." And I wasn't comparing Cook to Shakib! Where did you get that? I asked if you ever saw Cook ever pull a Shakib, as in do what Shakib does in the 90s.

Everyone gets nervous when they get close to milestone, it's only natural. You can't use that to mark off points. But People like Sachin, Watson, Shakib take it to the next level as they totally change their batting when they get close to 100, act unnatural, and get out. It's visible in their batting, not stats.

Also, you circled nearing 50s? Really? It's in the name, nervous NINETIES. Again, just because list shows a guy got out couple of times nearing a milestone, doesn't mean he has nervousness issues. It's about HOW he got out, not WHEN.

And again, you are making stuff up about the beard. I made it up? My comment was an observation based on the previous comments about his beard and his fasting and what not. Read the thread and calm down with the !!! and the ???
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